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Pulse Point


PULSE POINT ONLY ALERTS LOCAL EMERGENCIES WHEN THE CENTRAL DISPATCH CENTER - REDCOM - in Santa Rosa is the primary dispatch center. NO Cloverdale resources are dispatched by REDCOM. However, incidents could still be alerted to Pulse Point if other agencies are dispatched to Cloverdale

PulsePoint Respond is a 911-connected app that can immediately inform you of emergencies occurring in your community and can request your help when CPR is needed nearby. PulsePoint Respond is not available in all areas. The service is only offered where adopted by the local public safety agency-.

PulsePoint AED is a simple-to-use tool that enables you to help build the public AED registry in your community – or anywhere!

PulsePoint is a 501(c)(3) public non-profit foundation building application that help public safety agencies inform and engage their citizens.